I’m a trained geophysicist and data scientist with a passion for finding the story behind the data.



My research focuses on the controls on continental rift systems.  I utilize diverse seismic datasets and analyses to investigate the influence of magma and tectonic segmentation on rift initiation and development in the West Antarctic Rift System, the Main Ethiopian Rift, and the Malawi Rift.  For more information read on below!

Resume Highlights

Pragmatic data science and geophysics leader passionate about applying recognized academic expertise to realize commercial opportunities. Amplify speed and quality of data and analysis with strong programming capabilities. Ability to bring a unique framework to data and analytics, leveraging broad experience with field work as well as data processing, archiving, and modeling.

Enthusiastic about using data to solve problems, working across disciplines to bring needed context to bear. Enjoy acting as “Sherlock Holmes of Data,” uncovering the root causes of outlier trends and translating their meaning to the bigger picture.


Ph.D. Earth & Env. Sci
Columbia University
Spring 2018

M.A. Earth & Env. Sci.
Columbia University
Spring 2014

B.A. Earth & Plan. Sci
Wash. Univ. in St. Louis
Spring 2012

Data Analysis Highlights

Broad Data & Geophysics Science: Contributed to and/or led experiments in North America, the Central Pacific, Europe, and Africa. Understanding of the full cycle of project design, data gathering, processing, modeling, and analysis informs ability to quickly understand and address complex scenarios.

Leadership & Team Development: Managed teams of 35+, keeping contractors, partners, and volunteers motivated even under stressful conditions. Conceived, won funding for, and executed mentorship programs, with mentees achieving specific research/learning goals and producing quality papers.

Compelling Communications to Technical & Lay Audiences: Wrote multiple peer-reviewed papers and earned invitations to speak at prominent geophysics events. Extensive graduate school experience presenting on topics from multiple disciplines to audiences with diverse backgrounds.


Python (Numpy, Scikitlearn, Pandas)

Shell Scripting




Linear Regression

Machine Learning

Bayesian Methods

Seismic Methods (active & passive)

Geophysical Field Logistics



Accardo, N. J., D. J. Shillington, J. B. Gaherty, C. A. Scholz, C. J. Ebinger, A. A., Nyblade, et al. (2018). Constraints on Border Fault Growth and Basin Structure in the Northern Malawi Rift, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 123.

Accardo, N. J., J. B. Gaherty, D. J. Shillington, C. J. Ebinger, A. A. Nyblade, G. J. Mbogoni, et al. (2017). Surface wave imaging of the weakly extended Malawi Rift from ambient-noise and teleseismic Rayleigh waves from onshore and lake-bottom seismometers. Geophysical Journal International, 209(3), 1892–1905.

Accardo, N. J., D. A. Wiens, S. Hernandez, et al. (2014). Upper mantle seismic anisotropy beneath the West Antarctic Rift System and surrounding regions. Geophysical Journal International, 198, 414-429.


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Natalie J. Accardo
Postdoctoral Researcher
Pennsylvania State University

accardonj “at” gmail.com

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