Fill your ears with this!

With the impending blizzard you may end up with a little free time on your hands and what better way to pass the wintry hours than filling your ears with amazing podcasts!  Here are just a few that I've been obsessing over in the last week.

On the Media : What It's Like to Follow Chris Christie for Five Years - This was an incredibly interesting episode focused on Matt Katz who has been covering Chris Christie long before his public presidential ambitions.  The interview delves deeply into the personality, both caring and vengeful, of Christie.  If you've ever been curious about Christie or needed a summary of the fascinating scandal that is Bridgegate this is the podcast for you!

You Must Remember This - STAR WARS EPISODE V: RITA HAYWORTH AND ORSON WELLES - If you haven't listened to the mystical, entrancing, soothing voice of Karina Longworth then you've really been missing out.  Lucky for you all of the episodes remain available on the Apple podcast app and they all are truly amazing.  However, the one that has really caught my attention recently (and granted it's from the archives) is the summary of the intriguing and terribly sad life of Rita Hayworth.  Longworth's narration will sweep you away into the land of early 20th century Hollywood and make you yearn to time travel back and give Rita an encouraging hug.

Longform Podcast - Alex Blumberg - This is another podcast that's worthy of listening to from episode one.  I first found this podcast actually through another podcast (let's see how many times I can say podcast in one post ...) Reply All (again another amazing podcast).  Longform Podcast is made up of interviews with staff writers for exemplary newspapers/magazines, adventurous freelance writers, esteemed podcasters, and literary geniuses all around.  An awesome episode to begin with is the interview with the beguiling Alex Blumberg (co-founder of podcast giant Gimlet Media and contributor to This American Life and Planet Money).  Trust me through the back and forth of this conversation you'll be inspired to quit your job and start a podcast immediately.  

Stay tuned for more suggestions (hopefully without the impending winter storm) of things to fill your ears with!

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