What have I been up to - January 7th, 2017

Hello old stranger! It's been too long.

So what have I been up to in the last, wow, 3 months?! As you may be able to guess there has been lots of scripting, hypothesis testing, head scratching, and repeat! Throw in the annual American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting and that pretty much sums it up! But perhaps we should stick with tradition and dive in on one topic in particular - making movies in Matlab!

Now this used to be extremely convoluted and difficult to do - to the point that I never really got it to work until I upgraded to Matlab 2016B (apologies to all for whom this post is no longer applicable).  But now it's as easy as assigning individual frames to a variable and then writing that variable to a video object!  For my example I created a video of the earthquake sequence that occured prior to and following the M 7.8 event in New Zealand on November 13th.  To create this movie I downloaded the earthquake data from the USGS and if you're interested you can view the code I wrote to create the movie here.  And without further ado here's the video! 

That just about does it for now - after such a long break from writing blogs I'm going to have to ease back into this slowly ... Until next time, Happy 2017!