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What have I been up to? - September 19th Edition

Recently my life has been consumed with picking data! Picking, and picking, and piiicking, and piiiiiiiiicking ... But hey, that's ok! I'm 18 OBS down, 15 OBS to go, and ~ 45 onshore stations to pick! Wait, that's a lot more than I thought ... Ah, oh well I'm sure time will fly! To stave off madness I have been taking breaks brainstorming ways of effectively displaying my picking escapades. These include plots of my progress (to prove to my advisor I've been working ... cough, I mean to practice visualizing data)

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What have I been up to? - July 24th Edition

My life continues to be consumed by the awesome world of active-source seismology.  Specifically, picking, picking, picking, and more picking ... I have now realized that no matter what field of science you're in at some point in your career you're going to end up picking something.  Maybe you're picking spectral peaks to identify organic molecules in soil samples, or different types of pollen scraped off of bees (I've done this), irregular heartbeats in a mouse's cardiogram, boulders in satellite images of the Moon (I've done this too), or just regular ol' seismic arrivals to locate earthquakes, no matter what field you're in you'll likely end up picking something!  

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These are a Few of My Favorite Things - The powerful awk command

I still remember with vivd clarity the day many years ago that a senior graduate student asked me the question "Do you know how to use awk?".  My embarrassed response, identical to what felt like a thousand previous questions concerning my knowledge of the scientific world during that first semester of graduate school, was a heavy-hearted "No". Luckily for me, I've managed to put several thousands of miles between myself and that naive, unknowing version of myself and can know happily shout from the rooftops - "Yes! And I LOVE it!".

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