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Necessarily Overly Complex: Driving Fortran programs from Matlab

As the title suggests, there are moments in your programming life when you'll need to be overly complex.  Yes, with more time and skill you could likely find a more elegant solution - something you could be proud to stand up and say "Yes! I wrote that!".  But often you'll find an inelegant fix will work just fine all the same. Sure, it's not pretty looking and you wont want to go around showing it off to your more tech savy friends but hey, you wont get any judgement from me! Plus it's likely that only in these moments of patching solutions together that you're really justified in using crass, explicit phrases to comment your code.  

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Go on and make that figure a video!

Inspired by the Art of Data Visualization workshop hosted by Columbia University I decided to take another stab at preparing videos of data rather than just stationary figures.  Previous attempts at making figures natively within Matlab had gotten nowhere (vague instructions can be found here and meandering forums on the topic here).  Nevertheless, rejuvenated by the first warm days of Spring in NYC and two large coffees before 9am I set out on another attempt.  And this time it worked!

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