My research focuses on the controls on continental rift systems.  I utilize diverse seismic datasets and analyses to investigate the influence of magma and tectonic segmentation on rift initiation and development in the West Antarctic Rift System, the Main Ethiopian Rift, and the Malawi Rift.  For more information read on below!

Research Topics (starting with most recent)

  1. High Frequency Ambient Noise Imaging at Susquehanna Shale Hills

  2. 3D Imaging of the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory

  3. Wide Angle Refraction Processing from the SEGMeNT Active Source Project in Lake Malawi

  4. Ambient Noise and Teleseismic Surface Wave Investigation of Malawi and Tanzania

  5. Investigation of Radial Anisotropy in the Main Ethiopian Rift and Afar Depression

  6. Shear Wave Splitting Analysis in the West Antarctic Rift System from the POLENET Array

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